5 Forgotten Opel Cars Of India | Why Opel Didn't Succeed In India?

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Hey Autofictioners!
All the old companies in India have a charm of their own. One such renowned brand is from Germany, ‘Opel’. The funny part here is that the company though German isn’t owned by a German person or a German company. It is own by the American Giant, ‘General Motors'(GM).
Opel India Pvt Ltd (OIPL) is the division of the General Motors India Private Limited which is a joint venture of General Motors of the United States. The Opel brand has been discontinued from India since 2006 and was replaced by Chevrolet. As of 2010, OIPL only provides vehicle servicing and spare parts to existing Opel vehicle owners.

The company came to our shores with a bunch of cars to offer. Those cars were top-notch with everything you couldn’t even have imagined especially the built quality and reliability compiled with safety.

5 Forgotten Opel cars which are offered in India were:
1.Opel Corsa Sedan
2.Opel Corsa Sail
3.Opel Corsa Swing
4.Opel Astra
5.Opel Vectra

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