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My first drive in the NEW Golf 8 GTI Clubsport! An amazing experience which I am so happy to be able share with you all in today's video!

I would recommend you watch my first drive video in the Golf 8 R as it will give you a direct comparison of my first impressions of both cars on the exact same roads in identical conditions:

I have spoken about this car a fair amount on my channel and it sits just below the Golf 8 R in the range. I was keen to compare it to my recent drive, 2 weeks prior to this, in the Golf 8 R but also to try and understand the GTI Clubsport in its own right! This is a car which I have struggled to fully understand in the range so I am keen as you are watching to find out!

I am happy to say I really found out so many things to share with you in this video and these are things which you can only really understand by driving the car for yourself along with having a good walkaround of this super cool hot hatch in person!

Huge thanks to the subscriber for allowing me the opportunity to drive his GTI Clubsport with just over 2,000 miles on the clock and 2 months old! Similar to the 8 R experience we spent more time chatting about cars than I did filming! We also agreed to have another drive in the future and there are plans to have the 8R come along also so please stay tuned for this!

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*Information accurate as of 2nd May 2021
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