Volkswagen NEW Tiguan R-line Black Style 2021 in 4K Deep Black 19inch Valencia black detail Inside

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In today's video, we'll take an up close and in depth look at the 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line Black Style This one has the colour Deep Black Pearl and has the 19 inch “Valencia Black “ wheels
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As a little boy I was already fascinated by cars. From the age of 17 I work in the automotive industry for various brands such as Ford, Daewoo, Suzuki, Renault, Volkswagen and Skoda.
I started out as a car polisher on my 17th, where I am now sales manager for the Volkswagen and Skoda brands
My passion is with cars and since 2007 I have been working at Volkswagen.
This is something I wanted as a little boy of 5 years old
I film as many different Volkswagen's as possible to give you a good picture of colors, versions and coverings.
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